The goals of this organization is to support media initiatives launched by its members. Supported media activities include–but are not limited to–activities such as organizing training and workshops, initiating cross-border investigative projects in the public interest and promoting quality journalism and democracy in Sweden and abroad.

All the activities held by MIJN must be separate from religious and political affiliation.

New membership applicants should show evidence of a commitment to the goals and statutes of the organisation. To send an application or for more information, please contact us via the contact form (see end of this page) or email mijn.gothenburg(a) The membership fee is 100 SEK / 10 € per year.

MIJN is a non-profit organization. All the activities of the organization will be supported financially by grants, donations, crowdfunding, membership fees and other non-profit initiatives.

History and background

In March 2017 the students of the Master’s Program in Investigative Journalism (MIJ) at JMG, University of Gothenburg, launched a new media organisation – MIJN, the Modern Investigative Journalism Network.

MIJN members represent 13 countries including Sweden, Finland, England, Welsh, Russia, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Australia, South Africa, Czech Republic, Hungary and Moldova.


Inaugural meeting 22.2.2017

Inaugural meeting 22.2.2017

“We chose to identify ourselves as investigative journalists to denote the type of agenda-setting, quality journalism that our members strive for.”
– Alexandra Lembke, Chairperson of the MIJN board

“We hope our members can collaborate with each other. Being a part of the organisation will help members in seeking and getting funds, and support from other members.”
– Hanna Tuulonen, treasurer

“Through the MIJN organisation, its members can work together on investigations, share knowledge and tips, attend conferences and events, and maintain the strong bonds forged in Gothenburg. The members share a common dedication to producing honest, accountable journalism.”
– Nicholas Thomas, founding member

Board Members

Alexandra Lembke – Master of Investigative Journalism
Hanna Tuulonen – Master of Investigative Journalism
Joshua Evangelista – Master of Investigative Journalism
David Crouch – Lecturer at JMG, University of Gothenburg
Jenny Wiik – Lecturer and researcher at JMG, University of Gothenburg

Supplementary Board Members

Jazz Munteanu – Master of Investigative Journalism
Dumitru Stoianov – Master of Investigative Journalism

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